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I’m not sure how coffee got such a bad reputation, but I love when more and more research surfaces that supports the benefits of a balanced coffee intake. Black coffee that is. The information I’m referring to comes from an article that was recently posted by Aaron E. Carroll, who is the Professor of Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine. Studies have shown that a moderate consumption of coffee is linked with a lower risk of pretty much all cardiovascular disease, including heart failure and stroke. It is associated with reduced overall cancer incidence. When talking about neurological disorders, coffee intake is associated with lower risks of Parkinson’s disease, lower cognitive decline and serves as a potential protective effect against Alzheimer’s disease. Drinking coffee is even associated with better laboratory values in those at risk for liver disease and has been linked with a significantly reduced risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Check out the article for all the in-depth stats and details. The article is really well written and I personally appreciate how Carroll stresses the importance of balance. Fact is, there are pros and cons to basically everything in our lives. As far as coffee is concerned, it’s time to even out the playing field a bit and acknowledge the pros and overall benefits. Take a nice deep breath and really savor that next cup of coffee. coffee research image


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